Dear Real-Life Ginny…

Dear Real-Life Ginny,

I am writing you today to inform you of a dream from which I literally just awoke. It featured your dream counterpart, and the details were such that when I awakened I couldn’t get it out of my head. I found that I needed to discuss this further with her, but as I was now awake, I had no way of passing this information on. I don’t see dream you often, but I figure you keep in touch. So please, the next time you see her, show her this, and please let her know that the following is said with the best of intentions.

In my dream, I was standing in front of my house, and you were walking angrily by; you had just gone to a basketball game, and you had been thrown out from the crowd due to something you’d said to the referees! I don’t recall real-life you ever being prone to fits of anger. Was this something dream you picked up on her own? Nevertheless, we all must realize that sports are fun and a good diversion, but they’re not worth getting so riled up about. I realize that might sound strange coming from real-life me, but rest assured dream me was just as concerned.

I pulled dream you over and tried to calm you down. I got more details; it seems that your dream husband (who now appeared on the scene out of nowhere, as seems to often happen in dreams) was playing in the game and had gotten fouled really hard, but no call was made, and that’s why you were upset. I admit that my mind slipped away a little from your explanation, because i couldn’t believe my eyes – dream you was married to one of my high school acquaintances! I’m pretty sure that in the real world you are not married to, oh, let’s call him Ian (since that’s his name IRL), so you can imagine my shock to see him with his arm consolingly around you here! I know the rules seem to be a little more, shall we say, nonexistent in the dream world, but I think of your real-life husband’s dream counterpart, and how sad he must feel at the knowledge that you’re getting angry at another man’s basketball games.

Finally, you calmed down a little bit, and so I thought you two would head on your way. But dream Ian hadn’t showered after the game, and he was feeling a little grungy, so you say “why don’t you use his shower?”, and all of a sudden we’re standing outside one of our bathrooms and he has a towel in his hand! Now I’d like to think dream me is a pretty giving sort, and dream Ian had just played a hard basketball game, and who doesn’t feel better after a shower, dream or otherwise? But you really shouldn’t volunteer other people’s dream things, or come uninvited into their dream house. I could have had other dream company over at the time. I didn’t, but that’s beside the point!

Anyway, real-life Ginny, I value the friendship that we’ve had over the years, and while I’d never expect you to do any of these things, I just felt it was important to let your dream version know. I appreciate you passing this on.


Real-Life (and Dream) Brandon