step right up…

So I was just about to go to bed about 30 minutes ago, when I decided that I’d check out a web site that I hadn’t been to in a while. The webmaster put up a note about a video game conference they had been to recently, and in the midst of reading about a bunch of games that I knew I wouldn’t really be interested in, he mentioned Rollercoaster Tycoon 3.

3? I didn’t even realize that they had 3 in progress. I still had 2 on my wish list.

Now, as Kelly can certainly attest to, I loved the original RCT. I beat all the scenarios (many of which she played co-manager in 🙂 ), unlocked Mega Park, had a good old time. But when I got the new computer, I never really bothered to put any of my old games on it. Partly because of the hassle, partly to keep myself from being too distracted from my work. But recently, I pulled out my old CDs…and came this close to putting them back on.

Anyway, seeing the info this guy had on his site piqued my curiosity about what the game was going to look like, so I went to the official RCT site to get the low-down.

Oh, man. It looks awesome. 3-D graphics of everything in the park, including the peeps themselves. (They all look different now!) Rides you can test out yourself. Night-time views of your park. “Sandbox” mode for those who’d rather do that than scenarios (I fall into this category, but I really wanted Mega Park in RCT1…). Even fireworks shows that you can choreograph!

I’m not really one of those fanboy types who has to rush out and buy a game they’re interested in as soon as it comes out, especially if it doesn’t seem like much of an improvement over a predecessor (RCT2 fell into this category for me). But I make this vow here and now, for the whole reading population of pressing on (all six of you) to read…this game shall be mine. Oh, yes. A whole new generation of peeps to amuse, with my beautiful co-manager by my side.

Okay, I’ll go to bed now.

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  1. Deborah Griffith

    So, Brandon, did you rush right out and buy it or can you wait until your birthday? I was all set to get RCT2 so I might need other ideas. Play on.

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