7 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Quantum 1.2.0

  1. John

    Thanks so much Brandon for the quantum version. One request if you can… when you right click the coffee cup icon in the menu bar, have the options selection there also instead of having to go into add ons to edit the morning coffee selections

    1. Brandon Post author

      I’m sorry you’re having issues with MCQ! Everything seems to be working normal on my end under Firefox 64. Some questions:

      * Do any of your tabs open when you press the coffee cup button?
      * If you look in the add-on options for Morning Coffee Quantum, are your sites still there in the list?
      * If you open the console (with F12) and try pressing the coffee cup button, do you see any errors? If you do, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to figure out what’s going on.

      If you don’t see any console errors and your sites are present in the add-on options, but MCQ continues to not work, one thing you might try is backing up your storage.js site list, as outlined in the FAQ, uninstalling and reinstalling Morning Coffee Quantum, and restoring the storage.js file.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for using Morning Coffee Quantum!

  2. Diana Williams

    My Firefox just updated and when it did, the Morning Coffee add-on stopped working. When I went to the Add-ons, there weren’t any entries for any of the days. I went to the directory in the FAQ and the file there is called storage.js.migrated – it has content but the file date is from February and I’ve added tabs since then. I uninstalled the add-on, restarted my PC, and reinstalled it. Looking in the folder, the file is still there and it still has the old date and content, but nothing appears in any of the lists. Should I look in a different place for the files (I’ve tried searching with no luck)? Any other thoughts? (I miss my tabs!)

  3. Dutch Uncle

    I started using the date pattern substitution as soon as I saw it in the update, because webcomics I follow add the date in the URL. This feature is a very useful enhancement of your already-very-useful extension. Please accept my thanks and appreciation for your work on bringing the MC functionality back to Firefox.

  4. Joseph Land

    Brandon: I periodically re-install my windows computer. One of the things I hate doing it to re-enter all the sties in Morning Coffee. With the new current updates to Firefox, I cannot find where the Morning Coffee site list is stored. It would be a big help if it were possible to backup that data file from my Firefox profile and copy it back over to the new install. Currently using Firefox 85.0.2

    Any help would be appreciated.


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