sealed away

Last week, I went to Pratt, Kansas, to work on a new sanctuary for First Southern Baptist Church, Pratt as part of the Meadow Brook Builders for Christ team. This was my fourth BFC trip, and it’s become a highlight of the year for me. I hope to be able to go on the BFC trips for years to come.

I have generally worked on A/C systems while on the trips; this generally boils down to “duct assembler”.  We usually get a truckload or two of steel square and round duct at the beginning of the week, and the goal is to get as much of it put together and connected to the air conditioning units as possible by the end of the week.  It’s hot, of course: it’s summer, and because we’re installing the A/C, there is no A/C! But It requires a different set of skills than what I usually employ, and I always learn something new on the trips, which always makes it fun and enjoyable, and you really get to know people so much better on the trips. I liken it to something of a family reunion – you see people from other churches that you haven’t seen in a year, and you pick up with them right where you left off.

But that’s not the point of this post.

The room that I spent the majority of my time was a small maintenance room on the “second floor” of the building. I say “second floor” only because there was a floor, and it wasn’t the ground floor; there was no access via stairs. We used a scissor lift to get in. If everything is running smoothly, there will be no direct access to the room at all; it will all be sealed away, along with all of the work that I did.

There are times in my life when I feel like I have to do “something big” in my walk with God. When my pride really gets going, I feel like that something needs to be visible. Weeks like this one help me to understand that there will be plenty of times that I will be called upon to do something for the kingdom of God that I might deem insignificant. No one will know that I’ve done it. It will be sealed away.

I realize the irony of publicly discussing what I did in this post in the context of this object lesson, but this is really just as much for my own personal benefit as anything. Brandon: don’t concern yourself over whether what you do for God is broadcast to the world or sealed away. When you are called to do something, just do it!