2013 Running Stats

With a five-miler this morning, my 2013 running calendar is done. This marked the first year since I’ve taken up running that I set some pretty ambitious goals for myself. You might have followed my Twitter feed as I chronicled my yearly mileage with the hashtag #RunResolution. However, that was not the only goal that I set for myself in 2013. Here’s a look at my 2013 running goals.

  1. I will run at least 1,000 miles this year. I did it! According to my log, I finished with 1,117.31 miles.
  2. I will set PRs in the 5K (22:03 as of 12/31/12), 10K (51:12.8), and half-marathon (1:51:26). I only tied my 5K time, with another 22:03 on September 21 at the Duck and Run 5K in Athens. I did, however, set new PRs in the 10K (46:57 at the A Christmas Story 10K in Cleveland on December 7), and half (1:43:46 at the Team 413 Half Marathon in Homewood on April 13).
  3. If I can successfully register, I will run the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27, 2013, in addition to at least two half-marathons, including Mercedes in February. I didn’t manage to get in due to website problems that could only be rivaled by the government healthcare site, so Marine Corps will have to wait for another year.
  4. If I cannot successfully register for the Marine Corps Marathon, I will run at least three half-marathons this year, including Mercedes in February and Talladega in September. Talladega didn’t fit into my schedule, but I did run three half-marathons as planned: Mercedes in February, Team 413 in April, and the Huntsville Half Marathon in November.

Other interesting (well, to me, anyway) facts about this year:

  • Breakdown of mileage by month:
    • January: 92.37
    • February: 76.87
    • March: 87.19
    • April: 86.60
    • May: 121.37
    • June: 71.07
    • July: 103.24
    • August: 66.76
    • September: 79.10
    • October: 83.92
    • November: 120.51
    • December: 128.31
  • Time spent running this year: 170 hours, 40 minutes, 50 seconds.
  • Average pace per mile: 9 minutes, 10 seconds.
  • Fastest single mile: 6:11 on May 29.
  • Most miles run in a day: 18, December 21.
  • Most miles run in a week: 36.01, week of 12/15-12/21.
  • Number of different states I ran in: four (Alabama, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio).
  • Approximate number of calories my log says I burned: 120,000

I don’t know what my 2014 goals are yet. I’ll have to give that a little thought. Once I figure them out, though, I’ll post them so that you can follow along again as I run through 2014!