post-sbxlii notes

One of the better Super Bowls I’ve seen. Much more of a defensive struggle than most. But it had some great plays, too (Eli Manning’s Houdini act and Tyree’s circus catch has to go down as one of the greatest plays in the history of the Super Bowl). Pretty entertaining to watch.

I felt a little bad for the Patriots. We might never see an NFL team go undefeated again. This was about as close to that as we might ever get. It’s a shame they couldn’t complete the journey tonight, but give the Giants (especially their defense) credit. I know Manning got MVP, but I would have given it to one of the Giants’ DL. Just about any of them deserved it. They made the Patriot OL look ridiculous, and this was a unit that had performed, as a group, about as flawlessly as could be asked.

It was a lot of fun to watch in glorious HD. Makes me look forward to being able to do it on our own set one of these days.

Oh, and my favorite commercial? Probably the two E-Trade baby ones. But on the whole I was pretty disappointed by the commercials.

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  1. Mike Griffith

    Personally, I liked the one in which Charlie Brown caught the Coke bottle. It was nice to see the round-headed kid win.

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