…here on German Mountain

As I type this, I am in the same spot where I practiced 3-point shots from the top of the key when I was young. My basketball court (who knows how many national championships were won on it) and goal were replaced with an outside office/storage area a few years ago.

The bedroom that I grew up in has long been changed. It was originally a porch before walls and a ceiling were added. It’s now a walk-in closet of sorts. The bedroom that I used for most of my high-school years has been converted to have more of a guest-bedroom feel. The wall decorations that marked a boy’s passage into manhood – pennants, news clippings of Alabama’s ’93 Sugar Bowl win, and other things that have long since escaped my mind – taken down, replaced with more formal decor.

The living room of my youth is now my parents’ bedroom. The old patio that I played on when I was young – I still remember the how the cracks ran in the concrete – was replaced with the new living room, and later a deck was added outside of it.

All the pine trees that once stood so tall have been uprooted. Three of them once held two hammocks – one for me, one for my sister. The red top that grew near the old basketball goal is gone now as well. It was the only tree that my sister and I would climb, because it was the only one that had a branch within grasping reach.

This house and yard have undergone many changes during the time that I’ve lived here. But no matter what changes take place physically, it has never ceased to be my home.

6 thoughts on “…here on German Mountain

  1. Ricky

    Ah, how different our parents are…their house is EXACTLY the same as when I grew up there. Except for the carpet. And my old room is now the computer room, while the old computer room is now the guest room. But even those still look pretty much the same.

  2. Stacy

    Yeah, well my house is completely different from when I grew up, especially considering it’s a different house in a different town with different people that I don’t know. So I guess you can say they made a few changes. . .

  3. Ginny

    My old room is my little sister’s room now. Her old room is the computer/guest bedroom, and my older sister’s room is the other guest bedroom. The rest of the house is the same. But, enough of this reminiscing, what’s new with you?

  4. Ricky

    Nyah nyah nyah…I know what it is and no one else does…nanny nanny boo boo. And no, it’s not that he landed a small part in an off-Broadway play opposite the guy from the Dell commercials.

  5. Travis

    My house, well actually we didn’t live in a house. It was a cardboard box on the side of Main Street West Blocton. But we were considered the lucky ones. My neighbors, the Sheintz, they had to live in a paper sack. We were the rich kids on the block. Thank goodness now that i am making the mega-bucks in youth ministry that i can afford to live in my car. Glory be to God!


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