ocean sights

Yesterday, I went to the ocean.

Every time I make the trip down here, I go to the ocean. I always go to the same place: Satellite Beach. I find a shell for a souvenir for the trip (I’m now up to five), and I walk in the incoming wash. I never stay very long – usually about 15 minutes.

My thoughts from yesterday:

A scientist looks at the ocean and can see two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combining millions upon millions of times over to form the water that we see, and that which we don’t.

A writer looks at the ocean and can see a sonnet that has been waiting to be penned for all these years.

An engineer looks at the ocean and can see the potential to harness the energy of the crashing waves.

A philosopher looks at the ocean and can see infinity.

I look at the ocean to try to see things unseen, and the evidence of them.

6 thoughts on “ocean sights

  1. Travis

    An environmentalist looks at the ocean and sees medical refuse and raw human waste floating it it’s deep expanse.A tugboat captain looks out and wonder where his favorite dog, Spot has gone away to. That one game of fetch gone awry and a stick thrown into the propellers one drunken night.A youth pastor looks at the ocean and hopes that stupid punk kid with the spiked hair and underbite will get pinched by a crap

  2. Ricky

    According to my sources, he’s either still in Florida or he’s in Ozark. Of course, he has internet access at both of those places, so why he’s MIA is anybody’s guess. Perhaps the aliens finally came back for him…oh no, they know I’m on to them…YOU DIDN’T READ ANYTHING.


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