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it’s the little things in life…

One of the more fun things to do with dogs is give them new things and see how they react to them. Case in point – tonight, I decided to give Austen her first taste of yogurt. Now, London loves the stuff, and Austen had never turned away anything that we’d given her before, so I didn’t really expect any issues.

Of course, she loved it. I just had two problems after that: keeping her off of the couch so that it wouldn’t be further stained by the yogurt (it’s practically beyond help at this point anyway from them, though, so maybe that wasn’t a big deal), and making sure that she didn’t do any more to London than just give her “back off, man!” barks that she always does when she’s got something she wants all to herself and he comes too close. She’s never acted on it, but you really don’t want to be in the middle of 150 pounds of dog fighting each other. Ask my dad if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, it all went well. The only problem? I forgot to get pictures! Oh well, there’s more yogurt in the freezer…maybe next time.

Presenting Austen!

Here’s our new dog! She’s named Austen, after Kelly’s favorite author, Jane Austen. She’s a 3-year-old (or so) hound mix. We got her at the shelter last month. We didn’t want to do the puppy thing again. She seems to be housebroken, so that was fairly easy to deal with.

She’s already learned about playing with toys, and believe it or not, she’s an even stronger chewer than London is!

She’s actually 60 pounds. Hard to believe, huh?

They play really well with each other, and the end result is that they’re extremely tired at the end of the day. And you know what they say…a tired dog is a good dog!

I don’t know exactly what breeds she’s comprised of, but she’s AKC-certified Cull!

Fall London pics

Daddy and I before Race for the Cure. I was excited with all the people and other dogs there!

Here I am afterward. I was tired!

Well, what are you waiting for? Come on in!

I love apples!

The bottom bone once looked like the top, before I got hold of it…

graduation day!

Tonight was London’s graduation night from puppy school. He had to pass his final exam, which consisted of “watch me” (my biggest concern, but he got it on his second attempt), sit-stay, down-stay (he’s a pro at both), “leave it” (he grabbed the off-limits treat the first time, but it was after leaving it for a little bit; he got it right the next time), and come when called. He had to shake to get his diploma.

Here he is, in his cap! No gown, though…

Later on, he discovered the joy of the papasan chair in the office. I like the way that it looks like he’s got a prehensile tail he’s using for balance.

He likes rubber balls a lot better than tennis balls, and we do too (they last longer and they don’t abrade his teeth over the long run like tennis balls would). Here he is, chomping down on one while in the papasan.

a couple more pics

Taken the day our fence was completed. That’s a tired dog right there.

Relaxing for a bit with Aunt Bode.

Notice the paw sticking out from under the cushion?

I remember the days when he took up maybe half of a cushion…

April London pictures, part the first

Back by popular demand!

Why yes, I do enjoy a nice cigar every now and then…

Gitchee gitchee goo!

His “I’m happy to be outside” face.

I can’t fit on my baby bed anymore!

No leash can hold me!

Pick it up, Daddy!

no more London pics

Kelly and I have decided that we’re not putting up any more pictures of London on this site. We talked about it, and decided that there were too many reasons to stop.

First, it was just too time-consuming. We have a hard enough time keeping up with him, much less taking pictures of him. Think about how frustrating it is to think you’ve got a great shot of him chasing a stick, only to see you got a tip of a brown tail and a whole bunch of nothing else. When he finally does settle down, we’re scared to take a picture for fear he’ll wake back up and start racing around again.

We also had to take into consideration his feelings. The poor thing’s less than 4 months old! How would you like getting a camera shoved into your face at any moment’s notice when you’re that young? It’d be traumatic! Did you see his face in my “under the table” shot? That wasn’t cuteness, my friends…that was fear. When we thought about it, we decided that we couldn’t put him through that kind of pain any more.

So, I’m sorry, but I’ll just have to tell you about how big London’s grown, or the cute pose he made the other day, without any visual reference on this site. It’s for the best, really. I think that he’ll be a better dog for it.