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there have been updates…

They’ve just been on the college football tradition site. For the first time in about two years, I updated the fight song site.

Actually, there have been some behind-the-scenes updates made to a few of the minor pages on this site, but nothing that really warrants mentioning on the main page.

There will be more updates to this site coming soon. I’m actually looking at putting together a new theme to the site, so keep an eye out some time soon.

I fooled myself

Well, how about that for an unplanned April Fool’s Day joke?

If you tried to visit my web site (or for that matter, any 1122 Productions web site recently (yesterday, especially), you got a Network Solutions “under construction” page. This occurred thanks to yours truly, but not as a joke. In fact, the joke’s on me.

It started when I got an e-mail from our host saying that our DNS information was changing and that we needed to update the change if our domain name seller (Network Solutions) used IP addresses. For those of you doing the Charlie Brown “wa-wa-wa-wa” sound right now, don’t worry about what that means…just know that I thought I’d have to change some information about where our site was on the Internet.

So I logged into our account manager, and found that all was well in as much as I didn’t look like I had to change anything. Unfortunately, it appears that I set the site to point to Network Solutions’ temporary “under construction” page in the midst of all that. It was not intentional.

So now I have to wait for the DNS to propagate through the Internet, a process that takes about 36 hours or so. Which meant that, for most of April Fool’s Day, I couldn’t do anything to my own web site. And as of this writing, I still can’t get my e-mail. WWW 1, Brandon 0.

updates? Really?

Updated my bio information (I did have a birthday, after all). Also, I’ve included a little less subtle way of changing the style on the site. Just go to “etc.” and choose the one that you want from there.

front page tweaks

It’s update day here at pressing on!

Just a couple of small changes on the front to report. First, the titles of the entries now serve as the links to the individual entries. Also, I’ve given the archives their own section in the left-hand menu, where I’ve included a link to the main archive index as well as the categories. Finally, I made a small modification to the “comment…” link for each entry.

Among other things, this now makes the front page WAI-AAA compliant.