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Updated January 30, 2004

In college football, lots of teams' fans have a special chant that occurs around the time of the kickoff. Usually, it takes place in one or more of three times: the time right before a kickoff, the kickoff itself, and the time immediately following the kickoff.

What I'm looking for is all of the chants I can get. Then I'll put them up on this site for everyone to enjoy. I'm really interested in these, as I don't really know a lot of them myself. So if you know of a college's "kickoff chant", send me e-mail with the college's name and the chant split up as shown below. Thanks for all your help!

A lot of these kickoff chants include stadium-side volley chants, where one side of the stadium yells one thing, and the other side yells something different in reply. These are shown in the form "Stadium - Chant 1 / Chant 2".

Team Before Kickoff During Kickoff After Kickoff
Air Force Go... Air Force! Fight, Fight, Fight!
Alabama Roll... Tide! Roll!
Arkansas Whoo... Pigs! Sooiee!
Auburn War... Eagle! Hey!
Baylor   Sic 'Em Bears!  
BYU Ho-ohh... Oi!  
Clemson Roar... 1 (Cannon fires) Tigers!
East Carolina Purple!/Gold!
Florida "Gator chomp"  
Georgia Go... Dawgs! Sic 'em! Woof, woof woof!
Georgia Tech Go... Jackets! 2 Sting 'em! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Indiana Go...   Go Hoosiers!
Kansas State (jingle keys) Kaboom!  
Marshall Stadium - We are / Marshall!    
Michigan Let's... Go! Blue!
North Carolina State Go... Pack!  
Notre Dame Go... Irish!  
Ohio State O... H! I! O!
Oklahoma O... U! Pride of Oklahoma plays "William Tell Overture"
Oklahoma State Go... Pokes!  
Ole Miss Ole... Miss! Rebels!
Oregon Go... Ducks!  
Penn State Go... State!  
South Carolina Go... Cocks! Fight! Win! 3
Texas Stadium - Texas! / Fight! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  
Texas A&M A... Gig'em Aggies! Whoop!
Texas Tech Stadium - Raider! / Power! Boom! (Throw tortillas in air)  
Virginia U...V...A...U-V-A, Go Hoos go!    
Virginia Tech Stadium - Let's go! / Hokies!    
Washington (Hand chop motion)    
Washington State (Rattling keys)Go... Cougs!  
West Virginia Stadium - Let's go! / Mountaineers!    

1. Also have heard
2. Also have heard Go...Tech! Sting 'em! for Georgia Tech.
3. Generally, you hear "fight, win, kick a__" here.

College Football Tradition

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