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sometimes you surprise yourself

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to play in a charity golf tournament through my church. Now, I don’t play golf as often as I’d like, or that I probably should in order to play in such a tournament. There are some pretty good golfers at my church. I was placed onto a team with a fellow who has a reputation as one of the very best, and another who, when I asked how he was at golf, simply replied, “Good.” Eep.

Did I mention I count the number of times I have broken 100 on one hand?

Luckily, we were playing a scramble. For those who aren’t familiar with golf, this is a game where each player hits a shot, then you pick the best of the shots to play from, and continue until you finish the hole. This lets golfers of all abilities play on the same team without putting any undue pressure on the weaker ones. Whenever I play in a scramble, my goal is to just use my shot a couple of times during the course of play. i wasn’t sure that it would happen even once during this round.

I was happily wrong. I actually made some really good shots! I made a solo up and down for birdie from 30 feet below the green. I sank a long putt. We even used my drive more than once! There were also some times when I would have been really happy with my shot, but it was outclassed by another. We didn’t win, but I didn’t really expect to against some of the other teams that we were up against. And i feel that if I had to play my own shot for the entire round, I might have broken 100 again. It made me think about getting the clubs out more often, that’s for sure.

under the gun

Nothing special happened today.

See, this is why I stopped doing this for awhile. Sometimes nothing really important happens. You just do your thing during the day. Of course, in my case, you miss blogging about the really big things that have happened too, like the new place, etc.

I need to come up with ideas for useful filler when nothing about my day strikes me as interesting. Hm…