Trademarks and Holidays

Trademarks Holidays


There are many phrases and things that capture the essence of 1122, and so to protect our intellectual property, we've trademarked several of these. Below is some of our material and explanations of each:

1122 Productions ® - no explanation needed; I'll supply one anyway. The name of our production company.

1122 Happy Fun Palace™ - the name of our amusement center contained within an apartment; it consisted of bowling, mini-golf, and video games, with a Christian music background.

Flannel Quest™ and FQ2K™ - our annual pilgrimage to the Alabaster Thrift Store in search of that fabric of fabrics: flannel. The fourth installment, held in 2000, was given the moniker FQ2K. The trip has many traditions all its own, and is detailed more fully in Brandon's tribute to flannel.

The Land of 1122 Lights™ - in Christmas 1998, we decided to go all out and put up as many lights as we could (we were shooting for 1,000). Once we decorated the living room and the mini-tree, we realized that the number of lights we had up ended in 22 (due to the two tree-topper stars that each had 11 lights). Immediately the same thought went through our minds; it was just one of those things you know that you're led to do. The rest is history. The Land of 1122 Lights played host to a Christmas party in December 1998.

"Lil' Slugger" Smile™ - Ricky's patented ear-to-ear grin; usually done in an attempt to look cute to Tammy.

The Love Room™ - our computer/study room in year one; we put Christmas lights up in this room full-time in year two and gave it this name. Served as a storage room and part of the bowling alley. Shows up as the study room on the virtual tour.

The Semester of Excellence™ - Undaunted by the disappointing semester of fall 1996 at the BCM for many, 1122 Productions declared Spring 1997 as the Semester of Excellence. Details of the Semester of Excellence can be found here; results of the semester here.

The Shower Curtain of Fame™ - an actual shower curtain that we never used for its original purpose. Bought before we first came to 1122 under the belief that we'd have to supply our own, it was put up in the Love Room as a way for visitors (chicks) to leave parting shots.

The Three Major Purchases™ - Ricky's journey into the "real world" is broadly marked by these three purchases, in order:

1. An apartment (okay, not a purchase, but still a large expenditure)
2. An engagement ring
3. A car


Like any organization, 1122 Productions has its special days. Below are the days when we celebrate...

1122 Productions' birthday: celebrated every August 23, since 1122's inception in 1997. Celebrates the first day that Ricky and Brandon first set foot in the apartment that we all hold near and dear.

Flannel Day: Observed every October 22, since the first one in 1997. Celebrates the coming of autumn and the wonderful fabric that we get to wear as a result. The annual Flannel Quest takes place on or around this day.

1122 Day: held every November 22 (natch) since 1998; celebrates the 1122 in all of us.'s birthday...observed every January 12, since 1999, to celebrate the first day that our heroes took to their own Internet domain.