About Us

1122 Productions officially began on August 23, 1997, the first day that Brandon and Ricky set foot in headquarters, otherwise known as apartment 1122 in Rose Towers at the University of Alabama, or just 1122 for short. The organization did not yet have a name: 1122 Productions became the organization's official name sometime in the fall semester of 1997.

1122 Productions almost never was! The only reason that we didn't end up in the apartment that Brandon lived in the previous year (913) was a housing department mixup that cost us the use of it. But when we saw 1122, it was love at first sight. Over time, we realized that it was kismet. "913 Productions" just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

Since then, the number of the apartment, as well as the men, have become legendary. In its over seven years of existence, the men and their lives in 1122 have developed a following nationwide. In January 1999, 1122 Productions made its way into the online world, with the debut of 1122Productions.com.

Unfortunately, once again because of University Housing, the two had to leave 1122 in 1999. But now they live in the same town! Both Brandon and Ricky now live in Birmingham, Alabama, and the spirit of 1122 lives on in their hearts...

"To 1122...and beyond!"

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