(version 4.1)

For convenience's sake, we've divided the FAQ into two sections: questions concerning 1122 the organization, and questions concerning 1122 the apartment and our lives therein.

1122: The Organization

Q. What is this 1122 Productions thing anyway?

A. 1122 Productions began as the creation of two young men at the University of Alabama, wide-eyed to the world. In the over four years since then, Brandon German and Ricky Eanes have put amassed a production organization the likes of which the world has never seen. What's more, in that time, we've increased our number by 100%! See our timeline, under January 12, 2001, and September 15, 2004.

Q. So what are you going to produce?

A. Well, we haven't quite figured that out yet. But hey, we've got a cool name!

Q. I'm really curious. How did 1122 Productions get its name?

A. I'm glad you asked! The answer's quite simple...1122 was our apartment number. It just rolled off of the tongue well, so we went with it.

And to anticipate your next question, it was Ricky who came up with it.

Q. Now, really, what are you going to produce?

A. You mean that you haven't seen our productions? Allow me to introduce them: pressing on..., Brandon's web site. Another Mediocre Page, Ricky's web site, featuring Ricky's Ramblings: blogging before blogging was cool (albeit not quite as frequently). The world-famous fight song lyrics site, and its sister sites, college football rivalries and kickoff chants. Add that to numerous third-party sites that we've authored over the years, and I'd call that production!

Oh, yeah. We also are hired out as consultants to companies. Ricky works at ACIPCO, and Brandon works at e-Systems. We like to consider ourselves branching out.

Q. You use the word "chick" a lot on this site. Are you guys chauvinistic or something?

A. Well, that depends. Are you a guy or a chick? :) Seriously, we're really not that way...

Q. What's up with the color scheme?

A. Doesn't every organization need one? We picked navy blue, green and gray as our colors pretty early on, and we've never looked back. We're not sure exactly why, but we're pretty sure it has something to do with the old Hartford Whalers hockey organization.

Q. So, are either of you guys single?

A. Well, Ricky's married, and Brandon's engaged...so, for all intents and purposes, no. Given the guys, they're obviously very understanding women...

Q. Any chance I can get in on the bottom floor with you now, so when you become rich and famous, you know...I will be too?

A. Sure! Applications are always welcome. Send any resumes or whatever to 1122@1122productions.com. We'll consider your qualifications and references.

1122: The Apartment

Q. So why don't you live in 1122 anymore?

A. Well, since both are in the "real world" now, it'd probably be silly for either of them to continue living in Alabama's University Housing. And the term "University Housing" pretty much explains everything anyway...

Q. Do you have any pictures of what 1122 looked like?

A. Sure! In fact, we have an entire virtual tour!

Q. So how many Christmas lights did you actually have up in 1998? Wouldn't the amount that you claim that you had up violate some sort of building code or something?

A. That's probably just one of many building codes that we've violated. In all actuality...yeah, that's how many lights we had up. You think I'm lying?

Q. Yeah. Prove it. Where were all the lights?

150 in the living room window. 150 on the tree, plus 11 for the star. 250 around the top of the living room. 50 red lights around the pole separating the living room from the kitchen in a (futile) attempt to make it look like a candy cane. 100 around the top of the Love Room™. 50 on the Shower Curtain of Fame™. 50 on the miniature tree, plus another 11 for its star. 200 around the top of the bedroom. 100 in the bedroom window. 150 + 150 + 11 + 250 + 50 + 100 + 50 + 50 + 11 + 200 + 100 = 1122.

Q. What was your electric bill that month?

A. Nil. That was the one advantage to living in Rose Towers.

Q. Did you guys ever pass a room inspection?

A. Yes! We passed them all in our second year! As for the first year, uh...I take that fifth amendment thingy.

Q. So, what did you guys do for fun?

A. (Brandon answering) Can you say the Simpsons? I thought you could. When we weren't watching the Simpsons, we'd usually just kinda sit around and blankly stare at each other. Then Ricky would say something like "Hey Brandon, you've got a spider on your shoulder." Then I'd scream, brush it off, and stomp it to death. Then we'd just kinda sit around and blankly stare at each other some more.

Q. Wait. Didn't you guys bowl or something too?

Wow...you're good. Yeah, we did...as a matter of fact, we at one time had the 1122 Happy Fun Palace™, which included a bowling alley, video games, and miniature golf set to Christian music. It's tough to run a full-time entertainment business out of your apartment, though, so it was usually just a two-person thing.

Q. Are you experts in the culinary arts?

A. Well, we can bake a 27-minute pizza in 50 minutes, and we've made a couple of decent shots at spaghetti. Does that count?

Q. Did all those chicks really come to 1122?

A. Yeah, they sure did. In fact, we've got written sworn statements from each of them, notarized and everything. I'd send a copy of them to you, but I'd hate to clog up your mailbox...