Interview with Ricky

On October 18, 2000, we here at the 1122 Productions Web Team were able to land a rare interview with our co-founder, none other than Ricky Eanes. He agreed to grant us an update on how the company is doing.

Q: Mr. Eanes, can you give us a brief background of how 1122 transformed itself from a one-bedroom apartment with two computer geeks into, well, whatever it is today?

A: Absolutely. We began as two college students with a simple dream: world domination. Once we discovered that would require way too much work, we went in a slightly different direction and started 1122 Productions. In a few short years, it grew into the international conglomeration it is today.

Q: What is it that 1122 Productions does these days, exactly?

A: What DON'T we do? Our company has dipped itself into a little bit of everything. For some, this would spread resources thin, but we've managed to combine all of our products and services into one successful venture. As I like to say it, we sell success.

Q: So you do a lot of consulting?

A: I don't like to put 1122 in a box like that. It's so much less and yet so much more than that. Trying to describe what all we do would be like trying to describe sunlight to a pickle.

Q: I'm afraid I don't follow your analogy.

A: That wasn't a question, you know.

Q: Yes, well, your answers seem vague and misleading.

A: True, but at least they're answers. Your last two "questions" were declarative sentences.

Q: Getting back to the point, is there any truth to the rumor that you and Mr. German threatened to chain yourself inside apartment 1122 of Rose Towers if the University continued with its plans to gut and renovate the 11th floor?

A: A lot of things are said, but we like to focus on how our latest demographic studies indicate that we have 80% of our market share.

Q: Which market would that be?

A: We've taken a proactive approach to our business model. We've streamlined our processes and examined our data. I think our modified Mission Statement reflects that.

Q: What does it say?

A: I don't remember the exact wording, but something to the effect that we're better than our competitors.

Q: Who are your main competitors?

A: We like to think of ourselves as our biggest competition and motivation...if we don't push ourselves, who will?

Q: Mr. Eanes, I believe your pants are on backwards.

A: There you go again with the non-questions. I'm terribly sorry, but I've got a business to run...Brandon's got several key meetings in Japan all this week, so I'm all in charge...

Q: But wasn't that Brandon who answered the door when we got here?

A: Have a nice day!